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ProPlanIt works with you to create jaw-dropping experiences to engage your audience. These experiences lend powerful insight into your brand. Participants see how your products can enrich lives, both professional and personal. This creates loyalty to your brand, helps you gain new clients and retain customers.

Great Experience

Our Process

Plan It

We meet with you to determine your event’s objective. We ask the questions and develop a strategy to meet each demand and objective.

Experience It

We plan a theme around your objectives. We build each event individually making sure it suits the nature of your vision.

Continue It

We want you to understand why your event was successful. We provide detailed reports allowing you to see your events effectiveness.

We Make Strong Relationships

Our Happy Clients

Incredible Support

Happy Testimonials

"As always the crew was great to work with, PPI did a great job and did it with an awesome attitude to boot. It was an unforgettable meeting."
Jonathan Phillips, AT&T
"You guys did an outstanding job!!!!! You far exceeded my expectations! "
Anthony Tuggle, AT&T
"To the ProPlanit team, I wanted to say thank you, but it almost seems as though thank you doesn`t begin to cover it. I was absolutely wowed by this team. Not only did they think of every little detail to make sure everything looked amazing, but they knew exactly what to do to make sure that they flow of the meeting was seamless. Every single member of the ProPlanit team was such a pleasure to work with and I truly enjoyed partnering with each and every one of them. This was by far our best meeting ever, and I was sane the entire time thanks to you all."
Melissa Reagan, United Auto Credit
"I just wanted to thank ProPlanit for their efforts in making our conference such an outstanding event, their team did a fantastic job. I truly appreciate"
Ken Lozano, United Auto Credit
"ProPlanit, as always, has been a true blessing to me this week. They understand the pace and tenor of the world in which we work and I consider them a true partner."
Sheilon King, AT&T

We are always up to something new and exciting!

We are continuously testing our limits and seeing what new and fun services we can offer our clients. Please register your email with us so we can keep you updated.

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  • Phone: (972) 853-2301
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