"...they have done a great job understanding our vision and purpose and ensure all meetings and activities are aligned to support them..."

Joe Flanigan | General Manager — Royal Canin USA

Make It Special

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A world where the power of motivation is translated into measurable business results. A world where decision makers and meeting planners receive the accolades. All while the ProPlan.it Team works beside you and behind you to make it look effortless.

Let us partner with you in planning and executing a memorable, strategy-rich, and results-oriented meeting. From budget planning to post-event motivation, from travel to production, ProPlan.it will mind the details. Our experience has taught us that great events require planning, coordination, and flawless execution.

Our Clients

We choose world class clients just as much as our clients choose us. We’ve been honored to work with such clients as communications household name AT&T, premium pet food company Royal Canin, global banking leader Santander, Covidien, Direct Group, RC InternationalFurminator and many more. Regardless of size or budget, we offer solutions to put together a meeting that you’ll never forget.

Enjoy Your Own Party

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(No) is not in our vocabulary. We strive to do everything to make your event all that you hoped and dreamed it would be.. We bring 15 years of experience in corporate and personal event planning and management. We take on all the worries so you can actually enjoy your our party.