Excite the Room

Engage Your Audience

How We Plan

Our Approach In 3 Steps


First, we meet with you to determine your event’s objective. Are we rallying and energizing employees? Are we impressing a client with your new, innovative, solution? Are we wooing potential customers? Each demands a different type of strategy.


Second, we plan a theme around your objectives. We build each event individually making sure it suits the nature of your vision. If you are planning an award ceremony, we will transport your attendees to a bright and festive atmosphere. If you need to re-invigorate your employees, we will empower and inspire. If you need to WOW potential customers, our theme will present your project in a shiny new light.


Finally, we scout for the perfect location and plan the event from top to bottom. We work with you to design the deliverables, such as fliers, menus, and anything else you need. We strive for you to be fully satisfied.

Create Jaw-Dropping Experiences

ProPlanIt works with you to create jaw-dropping experiences to engage your audience. These experiences lend powerful insight into your brand. Participants see how your products can enrich lives, both professional and personal. This creates loyalty to your brand, helps you gain new clients and retain customers.

It's Not The End

Post Event

Post event we offer several tracking options. We want you to understand why this event was successful and how the next one can be better. ProPlanIt will provide surveys and detailed reports allowing you to see what people thought of the overall experience. After your event, we will provide you with action planning and post meeting motivational material to keep your team engaged. ProPlanIt will even help you review the budget and total cost of the event, seeing where we can make improvements so that your next event will be even better than the last.

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